Our best solution for jobs requiring significant haulage for windrow formations

Cross Country Manufacturing’s Clamshell Trailers

Cross Country Manufacturing’s Clamshell Belly Dump’s unique design allows for precise control and efficient unloading, enhancing productivity and reducing time spent at the job site. 

The clamshell gates at the bottom of the trailer open length-wise, from the front to the back of the trailer. They provide a controlled and even discharge of materials in a windrow formation, preventing spillage and minimizing waste. This feature also enables precise placement of the aggregate or asphalt, making it ideal for projects that require accurate spreading or layering.

Additionally, the trailer’s large capacity allows for significant haulage, reducing the number of trips needed and increasing overall efficiency. With their versatility, durability, and improved loading and unloading capabilities, clamshell belly dump trailers are a reliable choice for the transportation of aggregate and asphalt.

Our Clamshell Belly Dumps are manufactured in Canada using premium steels, thereby reducing tare weight and optimizing payload for the long haul. They are available in 2, 3, and 4-axle configurations. Axle guard deflectors are standard on the first axle, and optional on additional axles.

The selection of trailer models displayed below is not all encompassing.

We design and build over 130 trailer models for an array of industries!

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